PC Services

PC Services: Remote Support

Remote Services: 

  • Starting at $25 for the first 30 Minutes, you can have your PC issue resolved. $50 per 30 minutes after.
  • Commercial Service: $25/User/Month I will provide unlimited remote support and maintenance. 

What Can Be Done, but not limited to:

  • Virus/Malware Scans
  • Free Up Space/Resources by Cleaning out unused system files/browsing history that hogs system space and resources.
  • Support setting up new software or hardware.

PC Services: On Site

At $75 a hour, I can solve many of your tech needs, including:

  • Networking WiFi solutions
  • Networking in General
  • Clean out PCs, many PCs fail due to clogged fans and bad circulation
  • Install new PC Hardware and Software

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